Doctoral Application Deadlines

Doctoral application deadlines may vary by program. Please consult the list of programs with their corresponding deadline. For additional information and application requirements please review the Graduate Catalog. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that his/her application meets the deadline set by the doctoral program. Applicants should also note that most programs grant admission only for the Fall semester, but some do offer Spring admission. Consult the Graduate School website for Spring application deadlines.

Students enrolling in cooperative or joint programs between UTSA and other institutions must satisfy admission requirements (including deadline dates) of the other institutions as well as those of UTSA.

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that recommenders are aware of these deadline dates, so that the program can assess your complete file as quickly as possible.

* In general, the university application deadlines are to be strictly observed; however, applicants wishing to be considered for financial assistance should submit all required application materials to the Graduate School by the listed Priority Deadline for the term of admission period.

When the published deadline falls on a weekend, the application remains open until 5:00 PM Central Time Zone (U.S.) on the following open business day.

All applications are to be submitted by 5:00 PM Central Time Zone (U.S.).



September 1, 2016 Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering
October 1, 2016 Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering
October 1, 2016 Ph.D. Environmental Sciences and Engineering
October 1, 2016 Ph.D. Electrical Engineering


October 1, 2016 Ph.D. Computer Science
October 1, 2016 Ph.D. Physics

FALL 2017

Doctoral Degree Program Listing (
November 1, 2016 Priority Deadline for funding consideration for all doctoral programs
February 2, 2017 Final Application deadline for all doctoral programs, all required items are due.
The Graduate School Translational Science (Apply through UTHSCSA)