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Ready, Set, Research! Competition

Date: Friday, April 3
Time: 12:30 pm – 5:00 pm
Location: Main Campus, University Center North, Retama Auditorium

On Friday, April 3, The Graduate School will host the annual Ready, Set, Research! Competition. During this competition, 42 graduate students will present their research in… wait for it… 3 minutes or less! What happens if a presentation goes beyond 3 minutes? DISQUALIFICATION!  Not good when serious money is at stake!

Competitors will be judged in a variety of areas by our three esteemed judges.

The top three Masters and Doctoral competitors will receive a stipend award of $1500 (first place), $750 (second place), and $500 (third place). Two additional competitors will be voted on by students for People’s Choice, with a $100 giftcard. Show up and cheer on your classmates to help them win some money! Refreshments will be provided and audience members have the chance to win door prizes throughout the afternoon.


Opening of Competition 12:30 - 12:50 pm
Master's Presentations 12:50 - 2:30 pm
Break 2:30 - 2:40 pm
Doctoral Presentations 2:40 - 4:15 pm
Judges Deliberate 4:15 - 4:45 pm
Winners Announced, Photos 4:45 - 5:00 pm




  1. Ksenia Nation, Architecture: Living in color

  2. Mark Beck, Psychology: Measuring Responses to Social Anxiety

  3. J Welch, Mechanical Engineering: Distributed nondestructive analysis data collection from unmanned aerial platforms

  4. Steven Stelly, Health & Kinesiology: Effect of Prior Acute Cold Exposure on Resting Metabolic Rate in Humans

  5. Muharrem Kaya, Architecture: Energy efficient residential designs in three different climate zones in turkey

  6. Victoria Barbosa Olivo, Psychology: “The extended parental self” investigating parental spending in regards to gender of a child

  7. Matthew Martinez, Social Work: What is the meaning of permanency? Adding unheard voices to the mix

  8. Barbara Warren, Architecture: Balance to the city/mixed-income living

  9. Sandra Montalbo, Architecture: Architectural design and the environmental psychological effects in the context of sustainability: 1221 Broadway a multifamily story

  10. Kasey Girven, Biology: Sub-Second Dopamine Release in Behaving Animals

  11. Anil Suwal, Civil Engineering: Migration of collapse risk in vulnerable concrete buildings

  12. Gianluca Zanella, Management of Technology: Cultural context and self-efficacy effect on the entrepreneurial intent

  13. Jessica Devio, Anthropology: Did the Maya consume manioc? Starch grain analysis as a tool to uncover the function of artifacts from Xunantunich, Belize

  14. Rachel Hicks, Music: Effects of ventilator muscle training on vocal performance

  15. Morgan Helfrich-Dennis, Geoscience: Isotopic interpretation of mid-Cretaceous carbonate sediments from southeastern Arizona

  16. Gordon Russo, Clinical Mental Health Counseling: The implementation of qeeg-guided neurofeedback in the treatment of anxiety spectrum disorders

  17. Lily Casura, Social Work: Internet survey of women veterans re: housing instability post-military service

  18. Elaine Bretschneider, Social Work: Mental health in early childhood


  1. Victoria Ingalls, Anthropology: The quadripartite badge in ancient Maya iconography as an expression of liminality and power

  2. Negar Farmani, Electrical Engineering: Tracking multiple mobile targets using cooperative unmanned aerial vehicles

  3. Rachel Smallwood, Biomedical Engineering: The effects of chronic pain and opioid addiction on brain function

  4. Mirunalini Thirugnanasambandam, Biomedical Engineering: Rupture risk of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

  5. Moustafa Saleh, Computer Science: Cybersecurity

  6. Renee Foyou, Counselor Education and Supervision: The stories of caregiver wives of combat injured army service members: A narrative approach

  7. Carl Larsson, Finance: Shine a light: Exposing the dark side of mortgage finance

  8. Abed Motasemi, Mechanical Engineering: Diagnosis and characterizing of brain tumors using image monitoring and mathematical modeling

  9. Anna Boeck, Environmental Science and Engineering: Potential shift in the vegetative distribution along meandering rivers in the southern Appalachians due to climate change

  10. Kelli Bippert, Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching: Digital dimensions: Student engagement with online media

  11. Lydia Light, Anthropology: Life at the extreme: Behavioral flexibility among wild white-handed gibbons

  12. Prosunjit Biswas, Computer Science: Where is my privacy?

  13. Stacy Lynn Speedlin, Counselor Education and Supervision: Predictors for counselor preparation towards the workforce

  14. Patrick Ketter, Cell and Molecular Biology: Contribution of the gut in emergence of superbugs

  15. Deepti Kharod, Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching: Nature education for young children

  16. Tangila Ahmed, Electrical Engineering: Communication for future grid

  17. Alexis Bouquet, Physics and Astronomy: Finding hot spots in an alien world

  18. Alyssa Petko, Neurobiology: Regulation of dopamine neuron firing rate by glutamatergic inputs

  19. Soomin Christopher Song, Neurobiology: Resonance:  the language of neurons

  20. Monica Yndo, Psychology: “But I wasn’t trying to hurt them.” Considering context in the identifying inmate partner violence

  21. Deeksha Munjal, Business Administration: Job application evaluation: Falsification and likability

  22. Milena Melo, Anthropology: Enacting life: Dialysis among low-income undocumented immigrants in the U.S. – Mexico borderlands

  23. Daniela Conceicao da Silva, Bicultural-Bilingual Studies: English language teachers’ perspectives on culture


  • Mary Dixson Ph.D., Assistant Dean for Faculty Services
    UTSA Libraries
  • Jan McKinney, Director of Communincations
    Student Affairs
  • Michelle “Mickey” Stevenson Ph.D., Assistant Vice President for Research Integrity
    Research Integrity/Compliance

Time Keeper

  • Sarah Price, Graduate Student Association President
    Educational Leadership and Policy Studies


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