How to Complete your International Application in 7 Steps

The Graduate School at The University of Texas at San Antonio takes great pride in supporting and serving each individual student through their academic, profession and personal goals.This application may be used for graduate certificate, master, and doctoral degree programs.

All applicants must submit the completed application with all of the required materials to complete their application. The Graduate School highly encourages all applicants to review the departmental program of interest website to determine if any additional requirements are necessary. Please do not send materials/credentials to departments. Graduate Admissions will review all of the documents and forward files to the appropriate department for academic review upon receipt of all required items. Once a decision has been determined, Graduate Admissions will notify the applicant through email.

NOTE: Applicant’s name and date of birth should be clearly printed on all paper documents

1. Click HERE to access the online application

  • Designate that you are applying as an international applicant
  • Non-citizen of the United States
  • Non-permanent resident of the United States

2. Create a login username by using your email address and your own personal password

3. Login and being your online application and complete all requirements

  • Profile Requirement
  • Your Educational History
  • Test Scores
  • Acknowledgment Form
  • Employments Information Form
  • Parental Information Form
  • Texas Residency Form
  • Personal Statement/Letter of Intent/Artist Statement

4. As you complete each section a green check mark will appear that indicated the section is complete.

5. Pay your online non-refundable (non-transferable) application fee

6. Click the link to return to the application

7. Click submit

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