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Accountancy (MACY)

Basic Degree Information/Description

The Master of Accountancy (MACY) is a comprehensive graduate degree in accounting that provides students with solid theoretical foundations as well as, opportunities to focus on areas such as taxation, auditing, and financial reporting. The MACY degree incorporates four theoretical and applied components that prepare students well for their careers as professional accountants. There is a constant demand or well-trained accountants in both the private and public sectors. Increasingly, the Master's degree is being seen not just as a preferred, but as a required credential for entry into the public accounting profession.

The Master of Accountancy (MACY) degree is designed to accommodate applicants with a degree in any field. Applicants must either complete the equivalent of a B.B.A. degree in accounting from an accredited institution or must enroll in the MACY core courses plus certain accounting courses set out by the Coordinator of Graduate Programs in Accounting. Students whose background is in business, but who have completed MACY core courses or their equivalents seven or more years before entering the program may be required by the MACY Admissions Committee to successfully complete or test out of the MACY core courses. MACY core courses may be taken simultaneously with the MACY requirements, subject to course prerequisites and approval of the Coordinator of Graduate Programs in Accounting.

Why Pursue a Master of Accountancy?

The Master of Accountancy is the most expeditious way for students to complete the 150 credit hour educational requirement to sit for the Certified Public Accountant Examination in Texas. A typical undergraduate student (120 hours), regardless of prior major, can reach the 150 credit hour limit and meet the accounting coursework requirements (30 hours) to sit for the exam by completing the MACY program.

Degree Requirements

  • The minimum number of semester credit hours required for this degree, exclusive of coursework or other study required to remove admission deficiencies, is 30 hours.
  • For more information about required coursework, please see the Graduate Catalog.

Admission Requirements and Deadlines:

Admission prerequisites: 

  • Please contact the department for more information.

Application Requirements:

  • A degree seeking applicant must meet university wide requirements.
  • A complete Graduate Studies application.
  • Official transcripts from all institutions attended are required.  All international transcripts must be recorded in English or officially translated to English.
  • Official GMAT
  • Resume: Optional
  • Letters of Recommendation: Optional
  • Statement of purpose
  • Minimum TOEFL Score (for International Applicants): 550 paper/79 internet
  • Minimum IELTS Score (for International Applicants): 6.5
  • Additional Requirements: International students and those with international degrees may be required to submit additional documents per our admissions policies and procedures. The Graduate School reserves the right to request any additional documents needed to fairly and consistently evaluate applicant credentials. 

Contact Information

Graduate Advisor: Elaine Sanders, Ph.D. 


Telephone: (210) 458-5787

Degree Website:

Degree Catalog Link:

Course Scheduling and Offerings

The Majority of UTSA's MACY students are employed full-time while pursuing their graduate degrees. To meet the needs of these busy professionals, classes are offered in the evening format. Special scheduling of courses during spring semesters allows MACY students to complete internships and also maintain full-time graduate status.