Texas Residency Forms

Military Duty Statement

If you or your spouse are stationed at a Texas military base, you can apply for in-state tuition by completing this form.

Military Duty Statement (PDF)

Residency Application

If you are petitioning to reclassify your residency status this form must be completed and added to your packet of supporting documents.  

Residency Application (PDF)

Residency Core Questions

Use this residency questionnaire if applying for Fall 2006 and later. Students applying to Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board rule 21.731 requires each student applying to enroll at an institution to respond to a set of core residency questions for the purpose of determining the student’s eligibility for classification as a resident. Non-resident students currently enrolled may use this form to apply for consideration for re-classification to a Texas resident for tuition purposes. Requests for reclassification must be received prior to the official census date of the term which you are requesting reclassification. The determination of residency classification for admission and tuition purposes is governed by legislative statues found in the Texas Legislature and rules and regulations promulgated by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. The rules and regulations can be found at:

This form should be mailed, faxed or brought to:
The University of Texas at San Antonio The Graduate School One UTSA Circle San Antonio, Texas 78249

Residency Questionnaire (PDF)

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