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Interim Master's Degree

Students who are admitted to doctoral programs directly from the bachelor's-degree level (without the requirement of a master's degree) and who want to take the Master's degree as part of the program for the doctorate must meet the following requirements:

  1. Complete the appropriate set of 36 semester credit hours of coursework, matching, to the satisfaction of the appropriate Graduate Program Committee, the 36 hours required for regular master's degrees at UTSA in the specified area.

  2. Pass a qualifying examination related to the above 36-semester-credit-hour program, administered under the standard UTSA regulations. (If the Doctoral Qualifying Examination has been administered and passed, this requirement has been met.)

  3. Apply for award of the master's degree at the time and in the manner prescribed for regular master's degrees at UTSA.

    Present to The Graduate School, through the Office of the Dean of the appropriate college

    • an approved program of study for the master's degree
    • certification of having passed the Qualifying Examination
    • a transcript (or certification from the Office of the Registrar) showing a grade point average of 3.0 or better and current good standing
    • certification of removal of any conditions imposed on admission.

Courses counted as indicated above toward the master's degree may also be included in the overall requirements for the doctorate.


This procedure is initiated at the department level. The following materials need to be submitted to Graduation Coordination:

  • Program of Study signed by the Graduate Advisor and Associate Dean
  • Completion of Qualifying Exam

Download the Interim Master's Degree Request on the Petitions and Other Forms webpage.