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International Student Development

This program is specifically designed to assist in the success of our International and second language speaking graduate students. You will develop professional and academic skills and network with other graduate students across disciplines. By the end of this program you will be proficient in English writing, research writing, and participate in your own career development.

Fall 2018 Sessions

Date Time Session Title Location Registration Link(s)
9/11 11 am-12 pm Assimilation of Acculturation: Breaking Barriers GSR 1.204 REGISTER (In-Person)
REGISTER (Webinar)
9/18 11 am-12 pm Writing Groups for International Students: Part 1 JPL 2.01.12C REGISTER
9/18 1-2 pm Creating the Link Between Graduate Studies and Professional Identity GSR 1.204 REGISTER (In Person)
REGISTER (Webinar)
9/20 11 am-12 pm Writing Groups for International Students: Part 2 JPL 2.01.12C REGISTER
9/26 1-2 pm Navigating University Procedures GSR 1.204 REGISTER (In-Person)
REGISTER (Webinar)
10/2 11 am-12 pm Post-Graduate Job Search: What You Need to Know about Employment / OPT and CPT Opportunities GSR 1.204 REGISTER (In-Person)
REGISTER (Webinar)
10/4 11 am-12pm Understanding American Corporate Culture GSR 1.204 REGISTER (In-Person)
REGISTER (Webinar)