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Transfer of Credit

Master's Transfer of Credit Regulations:

Ordinarily, all work for the master’s degree must be completed at UTSA. Typically, no more than 6 semester credit hours of transfer credits may be allowed for graduate coursework. Those hours must be completed at another regionally accredited institution or with proof of equivalent accreditation from a foreign institution upon the approval of the appropriate Graduate Program Committee in which the major area is located. All requirements for a master’s degree must be completed within one six-year period. Work over six years old may be reinstated only with the permission of the Dean of The Graduate School, upon recommendation of the Graduate Program Committee.

Read the full Master's transfer of credit policy.

The Master's Transfer of Credit form is available on the Petitions and Other Forms webpage.

Doctoral Transfer of Credit Regulations

Students are expected to complete all coursework at UTSA. Exceptions require approval of the appropriate Graduate Program Committee, academic College, and The Graduate School, and must meet conditions for transfer of credit. Work counted toward a degree at another institution cannot be transferred.

Conditions for doctoral transfer of credit:

  1. Students must complete the form “Transfer of Graduate Credit towards Doctoral Degree.”
  2. The courses must have been completed with a “B” or better.
  3. Coursework must be from an accredited university and have not been used in another degree program.
  4. An official transcript from the institution where the coursework was completed must be submitted.
  5. All coursework must have been completed no more than six years before the degree was awarded.
  6. Coursework is subject to approval of the appropriate Graduate Program Committee and academic College in which the program is administered.
  7. Courses must be defined as graduate-level work at the institution where the credit was earned.
  8. International transcripts must be evaluated by a UTSA - Graduate School approved foreign credential evaluation service agency.

Read the full Doctoral transfer of credit policy.

The Doctoral Transfer of Credit form is available on the Petitions and Other Forms webpage.


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