Assistantships Forms

Please visit the Assistantships section of our website for more information on the types of assistantships, requirements, and eligibility.

Graduate Student Position Information Guide:     Guide for hiring graduate student for assistantship positions. 

Assistantship Flow Chart : Overview of the hiring process for graduate assistantships.

Application: The hiring department will have the student complete the graduate assistantship application.

Acknowledgment: The hiring department customizes the Acknowledgment letter and mails it to the student.

Agreement:  After the student signs and returns the Acknowledgment letter, the student will schedule a meeting with the hiring department to review and sign the Agreement form.

Non-Resident Tuition Waiver Request: To be completed by the hiring department for out-of-state residents.

Petition (Waiver of Course Hours & Probation): Form updated 6-1-12. This form may be used to petition to waive the required course hours or if a student is on academic probation.

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