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Special and Adjoint Members of the Graduate Faculty

How do department's request special or adjoint membership for a faculty member?

  1. An application for Special Membership or an application for Adjoint Membership must be filled out and current Vita must be attached.
  2. The completed application must be submitted by department in which the applicant would like to be a Special or Adjoint member.

Approval Process:

  1. The application must be approved by the Graduate Program Chair, the Department Chair, and the Associate Dean of the college.
  2. After all the signatures have been gathered at the department and college level, the form must be routed to the Graduate School.
  3. The Graduate Council's Membership committee will vote on the application, and if it is approved by the majority of the committee, it will go before the council at the next Graduate Council meeting for final approval.
  4. If the council approves the application at their monthly meeting, a notification letter will be sent to the Department Chair and to the Associate Dean of the college.

For more information about this process, please contact Nelly Reyes at (210) 458-7293 or You may also email the special and adjoint membership applications to