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Bicultural/Bilingual Education (M.A.)

"Moratorium on admission."

Basic Degree Information/Description

The Master of Arts degree in Bicultural-Bilingual Studies is designed to respond to a variety of societal needs through advanced multidisciplinary study in language, culture, and related disciplines. It has concentrations in Bicultural-Bilingual Education, Bicultural Studies, and English as a Second Language.

This concentration is offered for students interested in advanced study in the design and implementation of bicultural-bilingual education programs. This interdisciplinary course of study presents systematic instruction in bilingualism, cultural dynamics, and applied linguistics. It also includes an examination of theory and research related to effective bilingual education. The Master’s degree is offered under two options: thesis and non-thesis.

Degree Requirements:

  • Degree candidates are required to complete successfully a 36-semester-credit-hour program. 
  • Upon completion of at least 30 semester credit hours of coursework, the candidate is required to pass a written and oral comprehensive examination. 
  • Candidates for the concentration in Bicultural-Bilingual Education must demonstrate proficiency in a second language. 
  • Candidates for the concentration in Bicultural Studies are required to give evidence of second language learning experiences acceptable to the department’s Graduate Program Committee. 
  • For a complete list of degree requirements please see the Graduate Catalog.


Admission Requirements and Deadlines

Admission Prerequisites:

  • Required Degree: Bachelor's degree with 18 credit hours in field of study or in another appropriate field of study
  • Other Degree Requirements: Three required courses are taught in Spanish only, you will need advanced proficiency in the Spanish language.

Admission Deadline:

  • Fall 2018 Domestic Final Application Deadline: July 31 all required items are due.

Application Requirements:

  • General University Requirements: A degree seeking applicant must meet university wide requirements.
  • Application: A complete Graduate School application.
  • Transcripts: Official transcripts from all institutions attended. All international transcripts must be recorded in English or officially translated to English.
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae: Not required
  • Letters of Recommendation: Not required 
  • Statement of Purpose: Provide a one-page statement of purpose, in either English or Spanish, describing why she or he wants to pursue a master’s degree.
  • Test Scores: Not required 
  • Other: None.
  • Evaluation of Foreign Credentials: All applicants including non-U.S. citizens (International), U.S. citizens (Domestic), or permanent residents who have earned university-level credit from foreign institutions are required to submit an evaluation from an approved Foreign Credential Agency of transcripts from all foreign institutions attended. If official transcripts are used in the foreign credential evaluation, the official transcript requirement will be considered met. However, if unofficial documents are used in the foreign credential evaluation, final official transcripts must be sent to UTSA.
    • An approved evaluation requires a detailed course-by-course evaluation. Summaries will not be accepted.
    • The Foreign Credentials Service of America (FCSA) is a private corporation that provides evaluations of foreign school credentials. The application is available at: Application for Credentials Evaluation.
    International Applicants:
    • IELTS: Minimum score of 6.5.
    • TOEFL: Minimum scores of 79 or 60 for Internet or paper versions, respectively.
    Additional Requirements: A degree seeking applicant must meet international graduate student admission requirements.

NOTE: Applicants who do not meet University-wide requirements for unconditional admission may be admitted conditionally if scores from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), letters of recommendation, and/or previous work in the field provide evidence of academic potential.

Contact Information

Student Development Specialist: Eric Uriegas


Telephone: (210) 458-6619

Graduate Advisor of Record: Howard Smith, Ph.D.

Email Address:

Telephone: (210) 458- 5574

Degree Catalog Link:

Degree Website:

Course Scheduling and Offerings

  • Courses are offered at night once a week for three hours (6 PM to 8:45 PM) Monday-Thursday in the fall or spring. Or, during the day two hours a day Monday through Friday in the four-week summer sessions. In addition, some courses are available at night meeting Monday through Friday for three weeks in the May-mester.
  • This program is housed on the UTSA Main Campus.