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Business (M.S.)

Basic Degree Information/Description

The Master of Science in Business (M.S.B.) degree is designed to offer business skills and knowledge to qualified students with a non-business undergraduate major. The plan of study features cohort classes to allow students whose previous education has been in non-business fields, such as liberal arts, science and engineering, to obtain graduate level business training as a complement to their previous education.

Why UTSA for an MS in Business?

  • Affordable tuition
  • Full-time, cohort program (classes taken in a specific sequence)
  • One year program, beginning in June (Summer I semester) or August (Fall semester)
  • Specialized Business study for students with non-business backgrounds/degrees

Degree Requirements

Degree candidates must complete 33 semester credit hours of required coursework.

For a complete list of degree requirements please see the Graduate Catalog.

Admission Requirements and Deadlines

Admission Prerequisites:

  • Required Degree: Applicants are limited to individuals with non- business backgrounds and or degrees.
  • Other Degree Requirements: None.

Application Requirements:

  • General University Requirements: A degree seeking applicant must meet university wide requirements.
  • Application: A complete Graduate School application.
  • Transcripts: Official transcripts from all institutions attended. All international transcripts must be recorded in English or officially translated to English.
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae: A resume with employment or other experience is optional.
  • Letters of Recommendation: At least two letters of reference.
  • Statement of Purpose: A personal statement of academic and personal goals.
  • Test Scores: GRE, not older than five years. GMAT will be accepted in lieu of GRE, not older than five years.
  • Other: None.
  • Evaluation of Foreign Credentials: All applicants including non-U.S. citizens (International), U.S. citizens (Domestic), or permanent residents who have earned university-level credit from foreign institutions are required to submit an evaluation from an approved Foreign Credential Agency of transcripts from all foreign institutions attended. If official transcripts are used in the foreign credential evaluation, the official transcript requirement will be considered met. However, if unofficial documents are used in the foreign credential evaluation, final official transcripts must be sent to UTSA.
    • An approved evaluation requires a detailed course-by-course evaluation. Summaries will not be accepted.
    • The Foreign Credentials Service of America (FCSA) is a private corporation that provides evaluations of foreign school credentials. The application is available at: Application for Credentials Evaluation.
    International Applicants:
    • IELTS: Minimum score of 6.5.
    • TOEFL: Minimum scores of 79 or 60 for Internet or paper versions, respectively.
    Additional Requirements: A degree seeking applicant must meet international graduate student admission requirements.

Students who do not submit a standardized test score may be considered for Conditional Admission upon recommendation of the M.S.B. Admissions Committee.

Applicants whose undergraduate degree is in business should consider the MBA or a specialized Masters’ degree. Applicants with a B.B.A or other undergraduate or graduate business degree, or significant business experience will not be admitted to this degree program.

Cohort Based Program Requirements

The M.S.B. is a full-time cohort program offered during the daytime and designed to be completed within one year. 

All graduate students in the MS-Business Cohort based program are expected to enroll and pay tuition by the 12th-class day of the semester admitted. Students failing to enroll and pay their tuition by the 12th-class day of the semester must re-apply for admission in order to return to the University. They must also submit an Application for Readmission to the Graduate School by the Master's Degree Application Deadline given in and must pay the application fee. Students must also obtain the approval of the graduate program and College of Business. Readmission to a graduate program is not guaranteed. 

Career Options Available for an M.S.B. Graduate

Regardless of their major in college or area of employment, a majority of college graduates will find themselves working within an organization or a corporation. A research lab, retail store, school, political consultancy shop, art loft and magazine proofing department, are all organizations (or parts of organizations). And these organizations can be studied, advanced, and understood in the discipline of business administration. The study of the structures and functional areas of business and the tools and methods for decision making, problem solving, and leadership apply to nearly all non-business jobs. The M.S. in Business is a generalist degree, designed for non-business majors with little or no business experience. The M.S. in Business is thus expected to add value to unemployed and to underemployed non-business majors. While a faculty committee developed the curriculum, input was obtained from corporate recruiters and members of the College of Business Advisory Board.

Contact Information

Graduate Advisor of the College of Business: Daniel Davied, Ph.D.
Telephone: (210) 458-6358

Degree Website:

Degree Catalog Link:

Course Scheduling and Offerings

The MS in Business program is a full-time lockstep program which will begin each summer.  Students will take 7 hours in the summer, 13 hours in the fall, and 13 hours in the spring semester. A suggested schedule is below.

Summer (7 credit hours)

MS 5003      Quantitative Methods for Business Analysis

MGT 5043   Management and Behavior in Organizations

MGT 6971   SP:  Business Speaking

Fall (13 credit hours)

ACC 5003   Accounting Concepts

ECO  5003   Economic Theory and Policy

MKT 5023     Marketing Management

MOT 5243    Essentials of Project and Program Management

MGT 6971    SP: Business Writing

Spring (13 credit hours)

 FIN   5023   Financial Management

 MGT 5633   Effective Negotiating

 IS     5003    Introduction to Information Systems

MGT  5903   Strategic Management & Policy

MGT 6971    SP: Professional Development