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Civil Engineering (M.S.)

Basic Degree Information/Description

The Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering is designed to provide civil engineering professionals with the opportunity to prepare for careers concerned with the critical problems of a multifaceted society. Civil engineering education and research activities focus on projects that are typically large and costly, with potentially profound environmental, social, and financial impacts.

Why pursue an M.S. in Civil Engineering?

  • The Department offers a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering (MSCE) and a new Master of Civil Engineering degree (MCE). The MSCE is a research-oriented thesis program, while the MCE is a course-only technical training program.
  • The objective of the graduate degree program is to provide advanced training in the four Civil Engineering specialty areas: Environmental, Geotechnical/Transportation, Structural, and Water Resources.
  • Small class sizes ensure personal attention from the highly qualified faculty. The Department has state-of-the-art laboratories for each major technical area. They are housed in the Engineering Building (EB), Biotechnology, Sciences and Engineering (BSE) building, and Applied Engineering and Technology (AET) building. They include:
    • Geo-materials (AASHTO Accredited)
    • Geotechnical
    • Environmental
    • Structures
    • Hydraulics
    • PC/CAD

Degree Requirements:

  • The minimum number of semester credit hours required for the degree is 34 for the nonthesis option and 30 for the thesis option. 
  • At least 24 semester credit hours must be taken at UTSA. 
  • For a complete list of degree requirements please see the Graduate Catalog.

Admission Prerequisites:

 Required Degree An undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering or a closely related field from an accredited institution of higher education, or proof of equivalent training at a foreign institution.
 Other Degree Requirements None.

Application Requirements:

 General University Requirements Must meet university wide requirements.
 Application A completed a Graduate School application.
 Transcripts Official transcripts from all institutions attended. All international transcripts must be recorded in English or officially translated to English.
 Resume or Curriculum Vitae Not Required.
 Letters of Recommendation Not Required.
 Statement of Purpose A statement of research/specialization interest.
 Test Scores General GRE, not older than five years. GRE scores waived for current UTSA students and UTSA alumni of the B.S. in Civil Engineering and closely related engineering programs, who have an overall GPA above 3.0.
 Evaluation of Foreign Credentials

All applicants including non-U.S. citizens (International), U.S. Citizens, and permanent residents who have earned university-level credit from foreign institutions are required to submit official transcripts along with an evaluation of the transcripts from Foreign Credentials Service of America

  • An approved evaluation requires a detailed course-by-course evaluation. Summaries will not be accepted.
  • Foreign credential evaluations must be received by the application deadline for your application to be processed.
  • Foreign Credentials Service of America in Austin, TX is the only accepted evaluation agency. They can be reached at (512) 459-8429, info@foreigncredentials.org, or online at https://www.foreigncredentials.org/our-services/apply-now/.
  • If you need a request form, please visit the FCSA website to access the form here.
 International Applicants Must meet international graduate student admission requirements
  • IELTS: Minimum score of 6.5.
  • TOEFL: Minimum scores of 79 or 60 for Internet or paper versions, respectively.
 Other None.

Career Options Available

Our graduates are in high demand in a multitude of private and government agencies, such as engineering consulting firms, infrastructure design/construction companies, environmental health companies, as well as various state, city and municipal government organizations.

Research Taking Place in the Civil Engineering Program

The most recent graduate thesis work includes:

  • Investigation of Juniperus Woodland Replacement Dynamics
  • Phytoremediation of Lead Contaminated Soils
  • Effectiveness of Al- and Fe-based Drinking Water Treatment Residuals in Remediating Soil Arsenic: Mechanisms and Implication
  • Watershed Streamflow Estimation Utilizing Remote Sensing Time-Series Proxies of Landscape Moisture State and Radar Precipitation.

Contact Information

Graduate Advisor of Record: Adolfo Matamoros, Ph.D.

Email Address: Graduate.CE.Engineering@utsa.edu

Telephone: (210) 458-7851

Degree Website: http://engineering.utsa.edu/graduate/#masters-degrees

Degree Catalog Link: http://catalog.utsa.edu/graduate/engineering/civilenvironmentalengineering/

UTSA Advanced Visualization Laboratory Tour

Funding Opportunities

  • Departmental Website
  • Research Assistantships and Teaching Assistantships are available on a competitive basis to full time students carrying out research. Typical amounts are $22.5k and $25.5k per year for MSCE and PhD students. Funding agencies include NSF, NOAA, TxDOT, HP, DOE, DOA, City of SA, SAWS and so on.

Course Scheduling and Offerings

  • This program is housed on UTSA’s Main campus.
  • A listing of our available courses per semester are listed on the department's website.