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M.B.A. - Dual Master of Business Administration Degree and Master of Public Health Degree Program

Basic Degree Information/Description:

The Master of Business Administration/Master of Public Health (MBA/MPH) dual degree is a collaborative program between The University of Texas at San Antonio, College of Business (COB) and The University of Texas School of Public Health (UTSPH). The MBA/MPH program will prepare students to integrate business and public health skills in their professional lives as practitioners, researchers or administrators. Combining the MBA and MPH degrees prepares students to use the expertise and skills gained in business and management toward solving crucial health and healthcare issues faced by public and private organizations worldwide.

Benefits of pursuing the Dual MBA/MPH program

  • The dual degree program provides an avenue for students to concurrently enroll in both degree programs so that duplication in course content is eliminated.
  • Time and costs incurred are reduced by about 25 percent compared to earning the two degrees independently.
  • Shared crediting of some coursework makes it possible for students to complete both degrees in just three years.

Degree Requirements:

Total credit hours for dual degree plan:

  • (57) credit hours* + any needed COB leveling courses.
  • The Dual Degree program reduces completion time for both degrees by one year.

* Dual degree plan allows for a total of up to 24 shared credit hours between the COB and SPH programs

* For a complete list of degree requirements please see the Graduate Catalog.

Admission Requirements and Deadlines:

Application, Admission, and Enrollment: Students seeking admission to the MBA/MPH program must meet the application requirements of each University, apply and be admitted to both degree programs before being considered for acceptance into the dual degree program by the MBA/MPH’s Coordinating Committee. Please note: admission to one program does not ensure admission to the other. Students are responsible for tuition and fee payments for courses taken in both schools, and upon successful completion of the degree requirements will receive a diploma from each university. Current MBA or MPH students may decide to add the dual degree option to their educational plan and receive credit for shared courses as long as they are in the first half of their initial program.

Application forms and directions may be obtained from:

To apply for the Dual MBA/MPH you must apply and be accepted at both schools.  Note that the application deadline differs at each school. 

Admission prerequisites: 

  • Leveling Courses may be required.  Please contact the department for more information.

Career options for MBA/MPH graduates:

The MBA degree provides valuable training for professionals pursuing careers in administration and management through skills learned in core business disciplines such as accounting, business law, economics, finance, information systems, management, management science, marketing, and others.

Contact Information:

Graduate Advisor of the College of Business: Daniel Davied, Ph.D.
Telephone: (210) 458-6358

For more information on the MBA and MPH programs please visit: