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UTSA has been one of the state's fastest-growing public universities for the last decade. The UTSA Graduate School currently offers over 100 doctoral and master's programs and certificates from which to choose and we currently enroll over 4500 students. Students are enrolled across 7 academic colleges including the: College of Architecture, Business, Education and Human Development, Engineering, Liberal and Fine Arts, Public Policy and Sciences.

Types of Assistantships

There are several types of assistantships available to graduate students at UTSA. Specific job descriptions are available from the hiring department, but the following information provides a general overview of the responsibilities for each type of assistantship. Students interested in assistantships need to contact and apply within a department or visit Handshake.

Graduate Assistants

  • Graduate Assistants provide academic and program support to departments or offices. Responsibilities vary within each department/office, but are primarily administrative in nature and may entail duties such as computer/technical projects, student advising, academic advising, recruiting, and administrative tasks associated with student services. Note: This position does not qualify the student for resident (in-state) tuition.

Graduate Research Assistants 

  • Graduate Research Assistants work under the direction of a faculty member to conduct academically significant research. Research assistantships are awarded by departments and professors who are engaged in research projects. These are exciting opportunities to participate in ongoing research developments at UTSA.

Teaching Assistants I & II

  • Teaching Assistants provide academic program support under the supervision of a faculty member. TAs may assist department faculty with teaching undergraduate courses, including laboratory teaching assignments. TAs will provide professional assistance in grading exams, assignments, and/or lab assignments, and preparing or maintaining equipment used in laboratory sections.
    • TA IIs must have 18 hours of graduate-level coursework completed in their teaching disciplines to qualify for this type of position.
    • TA training takes place each Fall semester for new and current teaching assistants.
    • Teaching assistants are subject to the Regents’ Rules and Regulations, the Handbook of Operating Procedures, and the college in which they are employed.

Eligibility Requirements

Academic Eligibility Requirements

Graduate students must meet the following academic eligibility requirements to hold an assistantship:

  • Assignment(s) must not exceed a total of 20 hours per week.
  • Minimum enrollment of 6 hours in a long semester (fall and spring) or 1 hour in a summer semester.
  • Must be in academic good standing.
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 

In-State Tuition Eligibility Requirements

GA, GRA or TA I or II students seeking in-state tuition eligibility requirements:

  • Must hold a title in a Assistant InstructorGraduate Research Assistantship or Teaching Assistantship I or II.
    • Please note that Graduate Assistant titles do not qualify for in-state tuition
  • Must meet all academic requirements listed above.
  • Must be appointed for the entire semester:
    • Fall Semester: September 1 through January 15
    • Spring Semester: First day of semester through May 31
    • Summer Semester: June 1 through August 31
  • Must be appointed for 20 hours per week.
  • Department MUST fill out the Non-Resident Tuition Waiver Request each semester.


  • To be eligible for healthcare benefits with The University of Texas at San Antonio, students must be employed in an assistantship position for 20 hours a week for 4.5 months.
  • Beginning September 1, 2011, if you are participating in employee group medical coverage (UT SELECT plan), you will be responsible for a portion of the medical insurance costs. For more information, please contact Human Resources at 210.458.4250.