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UTSA has been one of the state's fastest-growing public universities for the last decade. The UTSA Graduate School currently offers over 100 doctoral and master's programs and certificates from which to choose and we currently enroll over 4500 students.

Types of Assistantships

There are several types of assistantships available to graduate students at UTSA. Specific job descriptions are available from the hiring department, but the following information provides a general overview of the responsibilities for each type of assistantship. Assignment(s) cannot not exceed a total of 19 hours per week. Students interested in assistantships need to contact and apply within a department or visit Handshake.

Graduate Administrative Assistants

Job description:

  • The primary responsibility of a Graduate Administrative Assistant is so provide administrative support to a department

Job duties

  • As an administrative assistant duties vary, job duties ans expectations must be finalized uopn hire.

Graduate Research Assistants

Job Description:

  • The primary focus for all graduate research assistants is to assist the Principal Investigator in conducting research or other scholarly activities. Duties include assisting with research in laboratories and research facilities under the supervision of the Principal Investigator.

Job Duties:

  • As research lab and projects vary, job duties and expectations must be finalized upon hire.
    • While graduate research assistants are committed to performing assigned tasks, their scholarly work is typically suitable for and may be used as part of their research report, thesis, or dissertation research to the extent approved by the faculty supervisor.
    • Graduate Research Assistant I – Master’s students and doctoral students pre-Qualifying Exam
    • Graduate Research Assistant II – Doctoral students post-Qualifying Exam

Graduate Teaching Assistants I & II

Job Description:

  • The primary focus for the graduate teaching assistant is to support the faculty member or the department with the conduct and delivery of a course or courses. Teaching assistants are supervised by the course instructor or other designated faculty and are subject to departmental policies.

Job Duties and Expectations:

  • All duties performed by teaching assistants shall be under the supervision and direction of a designated member of the faculty.

    • Such duties may include course development, lecturing, grading, monitoring, leading lab and/or discussion sessions, maintaining office hours, evaluate student work, performing administrative duties as it pertains to the class.
    • All students who serve as graduate teaching assistants and who have no prior teaching experience are required to participate in a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) training program.
    • Teaching Assistant I – minimum bachelor’s degree
    • Teaching Assistant II – minimum 18 hours of graduate level coursework

Eligibility Requirements

Academic Eligibility Requirements

Graduate students must meet the following academic eligibility requirements to hold an assistantship:

    • Minimum enrollment of 6 hours in a long semester (fall and spring) and 1 hour in a summer semester.
    • Must be in academic good standing.
    • Making satisfactory progress toward a graduate degree and meeting all milestones.
    • Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 

In-State Tuition Eligibility Requirements

Graduate students awarded a competitive scholarship of at least $1,000 will receive in-state tuition for the academic year.


  • Graduate students are eligible to enroll in the UT System Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). For information on eligibility guidelines, plan details and enrollment please click here.
  • Student health insurance FAQ’s click here.