Graduate Student Professional Development Awards

Graduate Student Professional Development Awards provide supplemental support for students to attend major professional meetings at which they make a presentation (paper; poster; other appropriate form of presentation) based on their research.  The Graduate School provides these awards in order to assist academic units to more fully fund student travel for the purpose of presenting research unique to UTSA.


Award Amount

Funds will be awarded to students who have been selected to present their research at a professional meeting, conference, or symposium.  The Graduate School will award funds up to a maximum amount of $800.  Awards will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis until available funds are depleted.  All applications will be thoroughly reviewed and scored on a rubric to determine the fund amount to be awarded.



Graduate Student Professional Development Awards are available to graduate students who are enrolled in a minimum of six hours during any Fall or Spring semester when the funds will be used (or at least 3 doctoral dissertation hours) or enrolled in a minimum of three hours during any Summer semester when the funds will be used.  Graduate students who submit an application for a Professional Development Award must be in good academic standing and must be making good academic progress during the semester in which they are nominated and during the semester when the funds are used.  Note that no more than three student authors on a project or presentation can be eligible to receive a Graduate Student Professional Development Award.  Students may only receive one Professional Development Award per academic school year.

The following types of presentations will be considered for funding:

  • Research Paper or *Project Presentation
  • Fine Arts Performance or Pedagogy Instruction
  • Roundtable or Panel Discussion
  • Poster Presentation

*Project presentation is meant for those disciplines that are not necessarily conducting or presenting research, but rather showcasing a non-research based project -- such as certain programs in the College of Architecture


Application Process

Students who wish to apply must complete and submit the Application (including ALL required signatures) and attach the following supporting documents:

  • Copy of presentation abstract or proposal
  • 1-page summary describing the following:
    1. Why is it important for you to present at this meeting
    2. How it relates to your degree program and professional development

All application packets must be complete and submitted to The Graduate School either in person (Multidisciplinary Studies Bldg, 4.01.76) or through campus mail, attention to John Shaffer. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Please direct any questions to  Students should submit their application at least 1 month prior to travel to allow time for application review, processing, and disbursement of funds. 


Award Disbursement

Awarded funds will be distributed from The Graduate School office directly to the colleges, and the colleges will distribute funds to students.  Contact your college for their policy on travel reimbursements or travel advances.  If a student receives travel funds or any part of travel is paid for by the college or department prior to travel, the student is responsible for returning the total amount of the award if travel is cancelled.



  • Funds will be disbursed for approved applications, from The Graduate School office, one time per month.
  • Students should submit their application at least 1 month prior to travel to allow for application review, processing, and disbursement of funds.


Travel Authorization Documents

To meet University requirements prior to travel, graduate students are required to fill out and submit the forms listed below to their academic departments.  Do not submit these forms to The Graduate School with your award application.  Forms will either be submitted to your College Dean's office or to your department (depending on which entity disburses your travel award to you and assists with organization of travel).

Additionally, students must fill out the Supplier Information Form in order to set up an account with the Disbursement/Travel Office.  However, if the student currently holds any student job titles (Graduate Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant, or Graduate Assistant), then it is not necessary to do so.  The student must fill out this form to be reimbursed for travel expenses.