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Petition for Reinstatement

A student who has been dismissed academically may petition for reinstatement after one long semester (Fall or Spring) has elapsed from the date of dismissal. Only under exceptional, extenuating circumstances will a petition be considered earlier.

Once The Graduate School receives your petition for reinstatement, it is submitted to the Department’s Graduate Program Committee. The Graduate Program Committee will review the petitioner’s letter and academic record and make a recommendation concerning reinstatement to the Dean of The Graduate School. If the Petition for Reinstatement is disapproved, the student may not file another petition until the following semester.


Students are required to complete a reinstatement packet along with a letter containing all explanations, recommendations, or doctors’ statements in support of the student’s request for reinstatement and submit them to the Vice Provost & Dean of The Graduate School on or before the following deadlines:

  • June 15 for Fall Semesters
  • October 15 for Spring Semesters
  • March 15 for Summer Semesters

How to Submit your Reinstatement Packet

  • In-Person: You may submit your Petition for Reinstatement packet with all required materials in-person to The Graduate School. We are located on the Main Campus in the Multidisciplinary Studies Building (MS 4.01.76).
  • Mail: If you cannot make it to our office, you can mail your Petition for Reinstatement packet with all required materials to The Graduate School.


If you have questions on the reinstatement process, please contact:

(210) 458-4331

As a graduate student, you are responsible for reading and completing the Petition for Reinstatement Packet

Graduate Reinstatement Forms:

Petition for Reinstatement Packet: The completed packet must be submitted to The Graduate School by the appropriate deadline.

Reinstatement Flow Chart: This flow chart provides more information on the process for petitioning for reinstatement.


Early Consideration Waiver: For students with exceptional, extenuating circumstances that prevent them from sitting out for one long semester (Fall or Spring).