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Student Health

The University of Texas at San Antonio offers a wide variety of campus health services, including a wellness clinic, counseling services, and recreational center.

**Bacterial Meningitis**
As of January 1, 2012, all entering college and university students are required to show proof of an initial meningococcal vaccination or a booster dose within five years from the start of classes. They must get the vaccine at least 10 days before the semester begins.

Student Health Services
Their professional staff provides personalized quality care to students who are currently registered at UTSA.

Student Health Insurance
The University of Texas at San Antonio offers current students the option of purchasing health insurance. In addition, every student at a System health related institution is required to have health insurance coverage. This coverage may be with the System sponsored plan or comparable coverage from another provider.

Counseling Services
UTSA Counseling Services provides a confidential atmosphere where students may discuss concerns that are important in their lives.

UTSA Campus Rec Center
The programs and services offered provide students, faculty, and staff opportunities to participate in a wide variety of activities. Programs are developed to encourage healthy lifestyles, fun and a stress-free environment.