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Teaching and Learning

"A teacher thinks beyond the walls of their classroom to what their impact can be." The Center is dedicated to developing UTSA's Teaching Assistants and preparing future faculty for their role in tier-one academia. The program will provide a central location to craft teaching skills, providing year-round workshops on topics such as effectively engaging students and merging research and teaching.

TA sessions are opportunities to gain new strategies, share experiences, and engage with faculty members and other teaching assistants. All sessions are intended to be interactive and flexible. 

Spring 2018 Teaching and Learning Workshop Schedule

Location: GSR 1.204 (Graduate Student Professional Development Center)

Date Time Workshop Registration Link Description
1/11 3:00–5:00p New TA Training* In Person
Learn about teaching strategies for working with college students, using technology effectively in the classroom, and enhancing your instructional pedagogy.
1/12 10:00a–12:00p New TA Training* In Person Learn about teaching strategies for working with college students, using technology effectively in the classroom, and enhancing your instructional pedagogy.
1/17 12:30p–1:30p TAs Setting Semester Goals In Person The first session of the semester will provide an opportunity for TAs to prepare their goals and teaching objectives for the semester. The presenter will facilitate the discussion that will include sharing valuable teaching strategies and organizational suggestions to keep you on track to meeting your semester TA goals.
1/31 12:30p–1:30p The Art of Teaching at the University Level In Person
Are you thinking about interesting ways that you can connect with your students more? Effectively teaching students at the university level is both a skill and an art. In this session you will learn about a variety of teaching strategies that you can use to engage your students at high levels. This interactive session will give you the opportunity to share ideas and see strategies in action.
2/15 12:30p–1:30p Using Technology to Engage Students in the University Classroom In Person
Interested in using technological tools to enhance student engagement? Join us for an exciting teaching and learning session where faculty members will share their expertise in using technology effectively in the university classroom. Strategies on maximizing Blackboard Learn, using audio/video conferencing, and other technology tools for fostering student engagement will be demonstrated.  Presented by: Dr. M. Sidury Christiansen, Assistant Professor, Department of Bicultural-Bilingual Studies.
2/28 12:30p–1:30p Maximizing Student Success In Person
Are you looking for ideas to help your students be more successful in your lab or classroom? Then come to this working session where you will have access to teaching resources in the Graduate Student Professional Development Center. Specifically, a variety of books about college teaching and developing a stronger teaching repertoire will be used to help you find the ideas that you’re looking for. Presented by: Dr. Mariela Rodriguez, Associate Dean of The Graduate School and Director of Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development.
3/7 12:30p–1:30p Engaging Students Inside & Outside the Classroom In Person
Student learning doesn’t just happen during class time and lab work. Assignments, activities, and readings help to increase student interest about course content in a variety of ways. In-class time and beyond-class assignments provide opportunities for student growth. Faculty members and experienced TAs will share strategies, ideas, and experiences that will help you to engage students in your classes at higher levels.
3/21 12:30p–1:30p
Preparing for Teaching Presentations when Interviewing for a Faculty Position In Person
This session will provide TAs with an opportunity to learn about a key component of an on-campus job interview for a faculty position. Special attention will be given to the preparation of a teaching presentation that often accompanies the day-long interview at a university. A variety of teaching strategies will be presented that you can consider utilizing when delivering your teaching presentation.
4/11 12:30p–1:30p
Transitioning from TA to Faculty Member In Person
This culminating session will give TAs an opportunity to reflect on the semester and to prepare for a future position in academia. You will learn about ways to use your TA experiences as foundations for developing your own course preparations as a new faculty member. You will also learn strategies to align your research agenda with your teaching and service expectations.

*Two session options to choose from (you only need to attend one of these sessions).

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