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The Graduate School is committed to advancing academic excellence in graduate and postdoctoral education and training. We have several departments that can assist you with questions regarding professional development activities, administrative processes, and graduate student success initiatives. 


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Questions regarding admissions and recruiting.

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Petitions and Other Forms

Certification of Completion of Thesis Requirements for Master's Degree: The department will complete this form and route to The Graduate School for approval once the student has met all requirements to graduate. This form must be received by The Graduate School no later than the final deadline to submit a thesis or dissertation.

Petition for Waiver of University Wide Requirements: This form must be completed in order to petition to waive university wide requirements.

Assistantships: Students on academic probation or requesting reduced courseload must submit this petition to hold an assistantship. 

Transfer of Graduate Credit towards Master's Degree and Transfer of Graduate Credit towards Doctoral Degree: Students are expected to complete all coursework at UTSA. Exceptions require completion of this form and must meet conditions for transfer of credit.

Course(s) Exceeding Time Limitation: This form is required to approve courses that have exceeded the six year time limitation.

Doctoral Degree to Interim Master's Degree Request: This form must be completed to request an Interim Master's Degree for a student currently in a doctoral program.

Change from Doctoral to Master's Degree: This form must be completed to change a student's level from Doctoral to Master's. Changes in level are permanent--should a student wish to return to his or her original (doctoral) program after the change in level has been approved, he or she must reapply to the doctoral program.

Leave of Absence for Doctoral Students: Students enrolled in a doctoral program may apply for a leave of absence each term (Fall or Spring), not to exceed one year, when events such as illness or injury, active military service, or the need to provide care for a family member prevent active participation in the degree program. A Leave of Absence Request should be submitted no later than or during the semester prior to the requested leave. In the event that this is not possible, the request should be submitted as soon as the student is aware that he or she will not be able to register for any given semester.

Leave of Absence Extension Request for Doctoral Students:Students must currently be on an approved Leave of Absence in order to request an extension. The total time for a leave of absence may not exceed one year throughout the degree program. Under no circumstances may a leave of absence be applied retroactively.

Removal of Admissions Conditions: This form should be completed in order to remove conditions placed on a student at the time of admission.

Voluntary Withdrawal from a Graduate Degree Program: This form should be completed by the student when he or she wishes to withdraw permanently from a graduate degree program. Once this request is approved, the student must reapply and be readmitted to UTSA to resume graduate enrollment.

Graduate Student Course Add Form: Doctoral/Master’s student to add a course for any of the following: (1) ASAP registration has closed, requiring Department Chair and Instructor signature. (2) One Month after Fall/Spring Semester Census date has passed requiring Departmental, Academic College, and Graduate School Approval. (3)10 Days after Summer Term Census requiring Departmental, Academic College, and Graduate School Approval. (4) Student is unable to add Undergraduate course for Undergraduate credit due to Graduate level restriction. (5) Class does not have an active Waitlist. (6) Prepayment has not been received prior to Census date.