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Special Members of the Graduate Faculty

FAQs on Special Members

1. Who are special members?

University of Texas at San Antonio faculty members who do not hold a full-time tenured or tenure-track appointment (including visiting, adjunct or part-time faculty members or individuals outside the university) are eligible for appointment as Special Members of the Graduate Faculty.

2. What is a special membership appointment?

With a special membership appointment you may teach graduate courses or serve on graduate committees.

3. How are special members appointed?

Upon recommendation by (1) the Graduate Faculty of the department where they serve and/or the appropriate Graduate Program Committee, (2) recommendation by the Chair of the appropriate Graduate Program Committee, (3) recommendation by the appropriate Department Chair, (4) recommendation by the appropriate College Dean, and (5) approval by the Graduate Council.

4. How long is a special membership appointment?

Appointments will be for three years.

5. Can a special member chair a thesis and/or dissertation committee?

A special member may co-chair a thesis and/or dissertation committees but a Special Member may not serve as the sole chair of thesis and dissertation committees.

6. If a special member in one department, can you also be a special member in another department?

Yes, however special membership does not transfer between departments. Seprate applications must be submitted for each requesting department.

7. Can a department shorten the appointment or limit the duties of the special member?

Yes, the requesting department and the Graduate Council may delimit the term of service to a period of less than three years and/or may delimit duties of special members in regards to teaching and service on thesis and dissertation committees to correspond to extraordinary department or program need or to special circumstances (for example, if the applicant for Special Membership does not possess the terminal degree in a discipline or field of inquiry directly associated with the requesting department).