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The Graduate School is committed to advancing academic excellence in graduate and postdoctoral education and training. We have several departments that can assist you with questions regarding professional development activities, administrative processes, and graduate student success initiatives. 


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Graduate and Postdoctoral Success


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Graduate Student Professional Development Mini-Grant Program


The Graduate School is excited to announce the Graduate Student Professional Development Mini-Grant Program. To complement the professional development opportunities offered by the Graduate School’s Graduate and Postdoctoral Success center, we are providing funding for student and faculty-led professional development projects. This program is designed to encourage teams of graduate students and faculty to develop innovative approaches to professional development activities for graduate students.

Goal: Many graduate students are interested in career pathways beyond traditional academic positions. Careers in the private sector, in government and non-profit organizations, and in primarily undergraduate institutions require transferable skills that are not emphasized in traditional academic training. The Graduate School provides multiple professional development opportunities university-wide for our students such as support for travel, training in giving presentations, writing assistance, and hosting speakers with experience in a variety of careers (see past and upcoming events here: To encourage new approaches to professional development that may be discipline or career-specific, we are requesting proposals for small pilot projects aimed at supporting the professional development of graduate students.

Requirements: Proposals must be submitted jointly by teams including at least one UTSA faculty member and at least one currently enrolled UTSA graduate student. Examples of potential projects could include:

  • Activities designed to encourage exploration of careers outside of academia for multiple students (e.g., field trips)
  • Workshops for groups of students to provide training in specific, transferable skills
  • Development of additional micro-credentials (see currently available badges here).
  • Assessment of program alumni in non-academic careers to determine most valuable skills

Funding: We anticipate making competitive awards to up to 10 proposals, depending on funding requested. We expect most projects to be funded for $2,500 to $5,000. The maximum funding available for any one project is $10,000. Funds for all project-related costs will be paid from the Graduate School’s cost center. Please note that funds cannot be used for faculty or student stipends.

For complete information on submission details and timeline, click here.