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The Graduate School is committed to advancing academic excellence in graduate and postdoctoral education and training. We have several departments that can assist you with questions regarding professional development activities, administrative processes, and graduate student success initiatives. 


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Graduate and Postdoctoral Success


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New to GPS?

Graduate and Postdoctoral Success (GPS) is here to help master’s students, doctoral students and postdoctoral associates successfully navigate their career. We seek to enhance training opportunities for early career scholars and researchers that prepare them for a variety of career options in a dynamic workforce. Through innovative and quality educational offerings, we aim to increase the confidence and motivation of trainees to identify and pursue their career goals, and to reduce training time to more efficiently direct their efforts. Importantly GPS programming is structured to allow for a high degree of flexibility, ensuring that trainees can meet their own self-defined learning needs within career exploration, professional development and academic scholarship.

Some of our key offerings will be GPS Career Stories, Graduate School Research Days, Thesis and Dissertation Bootcamp, Hot Coffee and Cold Emails, A PhD is Not Enough, and Leadership Tenets. Please browse the GPS Calendar for activities you might want to attend. And although you do not officially need to enroll with GPS to attend activities, you completing the GPS participant survey would help us to understand our audience and develop more engaging activities for you. It’s a win-win.

Some Basics to Understanding GPS:

  • Events are open to all UTSA graduate students and postdoctoral associates. If you are not a graduate student and postdoctoral associate but would like to attend, please ask us at  We prefer to include rather than exclude if space is available.
  • We promise not to inundate you with emails. You will receive a monthly GPS Events email and a quarterly GPS Newsletter email. We will use our GPS Calendar to provide registration links for activities and those application will provide reminders, not GPS.
  • Although many activities take place at the UTSA main campus, students and postdoctoral associates from UTSA downtown campus and UT-Health San Antonio are welcome and encouraged to participate and fill out a GPS participant survey.
  • We want you to engage with GPS as early as possible – even your first year at UTSA – in order to learn how to explore careers, determine which job sectors you enjoy, and build the skills needed to successful in your future dream job. 
  • To encourage you to build skills, we have implemented a micro-credentialing system. Each activity allows you to gain a specific “soft skill” and acquire an electronic badge that you can showcase on social media, such as LinkedIn.
  • By collecting electronic badges, you can unlock access to gaining upper-level badges, such as competencies. If you attain a competency badge (communication, career development, ethics, leadership or teamwork), you will be invited to attend “Dessert with the Dean”. If you collect three or more competency badges, you will be invited to attend “Dinner with the Dean.” Each of these events will happen twice a year.

If you have any questions about the newly branded Graduate and Postdoctoral Success (GPS) Program, please do not hesitate to contact us at