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Formatting Template & Requirements

The Graduate School has a formatting template, preparation guidelines, and frequently asked questions to assist you in correctly formatting your document. You are  strongly encouraged to download and use the template, as well as read through the, before you begin formatting your manuscript.  DO NOT use a former student's document to format your thesis/dissertation. Always use the current semester's template to format your document.


Formatting Templates

Download the template that serves your needs and the needs of your document.

Microsoft Word templates are available for all document types.
  • Each template provides proper formatting for an acceptable final document, as well as additional instructions provided in red text (please delete this red text in your final version)
  • You can either work within the downloaded document, replacing the template text with your own text, or you can use the template as a guide in formatting your own Word document.
    • Either way, pay careful attention to the default spacing, typeface, pagination, and required elements.
The LaTeX Standard Template (for LaTeX and LyX users) was kindly created for The Graduate School by Dr. Weining Zhang.
  • The LaTeX template is only available for the Standard Template document type; however, it can be modified by the user to meet the specifications of the other document types (download the Word version of the template you wish to use for reference).
  • Please note: While The Graduate School/Library staff can conduct a draft review of documents created with this template, we do not offer technical support for LaTeX.
Template Downloads

(all are .docx unless indicated otherwise)

Standard Templates


The template used for most thesis & dissertation documents. It is designed for documents comprised of a single manuscript (presented in chapters), appendix, and references section.


· Standard Template

· Standard Template (LaTex package)


Special versions:

· BME Standard Template*

· Translational Science Standard Template**

3-Essay/Multi-Essay Templates

This template is designed for documents comprised of two or more distinct essays, which will each be broken into chapters and presented with their own appendices and references. It is also suitable for single manuscripts wherein each chapter needs to have its own appendices and references presented alongside it, rather than having all appendices/references at the end of the document. (In this instance, each chapter would be treated, formatting-wise, as an essay.)


· 3-Essay/Multi Essay Template

Special Versions:

· BME 3-Essay/Multi Essay Template*

· Translational Science 3-Essay/Multi Essay Template**

*Template required for Biomedical Engineering students

**Template required for Translational Science students

Formatting Assistance

Preliminary Draft Review appointments are available with UTSA Library staff. For more information, click here.

An extensive collection of formatting and submission resources is available here.

Questions about formatting can also be directed to The Graduate School staff via

(Note: The Graduate School does not offer tech support for Microsoft Word or LaTeX but is available to answer basic formatting questions or specific questions about merging your document’s requirements with the template requirements.)

Citation Management

Because we do not read the content of your thesis or dissertation, The Graduate School and UTSA Libraries do not check your citations. You must follow the citation style recommended by your graduate program; if you are unsure of what citation style to use, please contact your supervising professor as citation styles vary by academic disciplines. The UTSA Library supplies a list of Citation Styles by Academic Discipline .