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Formatting Template & Requirements

The Graduate School has a formatting template, preparation guidelines, and frequently asked questions to assist you in correctly formatting your document. You are strongly encouraged to download and use the template, as well as read through the  Preparation Guidelines , before you begin formatting your manuscript.   DO NOT use a former student's document to format your thesis/dissertation. Always use the current semester's template to format your document.


Formatting Templates

  • Standard Template - MS Word  : If you are using Word, please download and use this template to format your thesis/dissertation. Additional instructions are provided on the template in red text. Please also refer to the Preparation Guidelines and FAQs documents.
  • Standard Template - LaTeX : Thank you to Dr. Weining Zhang for providing this template for LaTeX and LyX users. Please also refer to the Word template for additional notes and to the Preparation Guidelines and FAQs documents. Please note: While The Graduate School can perform a full formatting review of your document, we cannot offer technical support for troubleshooting the LaTeX program.
    • Biomedical Engineering Students: At this time, a separate BME LaTeX template is not available. Please use the standard LaTeX template and also download the MS Word Template for Biomedical Engineering Students. Pay close attention to changes in the text on the Title Page and Abstract in the Word document and add these to your LaTeX document.
  • 3-Essay Template - MS Word   : Called the "3-Essay Template" because it is generally used for documents comprised of 3 distinct manuscripts, this template can also be used for any thesis or dissertation that is comprised of multiple, distinct manuscripts. Additional instructions are provided on the template in red text. Please also refer to the Preparation Guidelines and FAQs documents and contact the Thesis & Dissertation Officer ( ) with any questions you have.

Formatting Assistance

The Thesis and Dissertation Officer is available to answer any questions you have about The Graduate School’s formatting and submission requirements via phone, email, and/or individual appointments (as needed). For assistance, contact the Thesis and Dissertation Officer, Elyse Brown ( or (210) 458-6913).

Citation Management

Because we do not read the content of your thesis or dissertation, The Graduate School does not check your citations.  You must follow the citation style recommended by your graduate program; if you are unsure of what citation style to use, please contact your supervising professor as citation styles vary by academic disciplines. The UTSA Library supplies a list of Citation Styles by Academic Discipline .